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The deep freeze continues in Manitoba Sunday with severe weather warnings across the province.

According to Environment Canada’s website most regions, except those in the central area of the province and one in the north eastern corner, are experiencing extreme wind chill conditions.

In Churchill, Man., the wind chill brings the temperature down to -46 C, which means exposed skin can get frostbite in minutes. In southern Manitoba wind chill temperatures are in the -30 C range.

Winnipeg was as cold as -38 C and Brandon was as cold as -43 C with the wind chill.

Though temperatures are falling, conditions are gradually improving on some highways, with visibility becoming better in a few areas.

However, the department of transportation is still reporting some roads to have snow-packed sections in Winnipeg and south eastern Manitoba.

Also, heading up the Interlake, roads are still snow covered and slippery.

There are also some visibility problems on roads both south and west of Brandon.





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