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Published on Jul 31, 2014

Heavy rainfall broke river banks in the affected counties of Gorj, Valcea, Arges and Teleorman, about 200 kilometres west of the capital Bucharest in Roumania…

Published on Jul 29, 2014


Three people died and several hundreds were forced to evacuate as surging floodwaters submerged villages in Eastern Europe.

Two people, including a 72-year-old man, also drowned in Romania as floods raged in different regions, said Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea.


A passenger train derailed in the same area after a small bridge caved in due to flooding, but there were no immediate reports of injuries, the national railway said.


Ion Manta, deputy mayor of the southwest Romanian town Novaci, said 500 people had been evacuated from three villages there and some 75 houses were cut off by floods after the River Gilort burst its banks. A local government official said waters reached three metres.


The Romanian government sent three helicopters to flooded areas in the foothills of the Parang mountains and the army dispatched dozens of troops to help with rescue efforts.


Forecasters issued the red code weather warnings for both Bulgaria and Romania.

Romania has had its wettest summer in years and the heavy rainfall has also caused several flash floods in eastern Bulgaria, the heaviest in the Black Sea resort city of Varna in June when 13 people were killed.

July 29, 2014

One person died and another was missing after flash floods caused by heavy rain in the district of Gabrovo in central Bulgaria, reports said on July 29.

The exact cause of death of the 61-year-old woman from the village of Vranilovtsi, was not reported.

A 39-year-old man from the same village – whom some reports identified as the deceased’s son – was reported missing.

Torrential rainfall overnight left 70 villages in the Gabrovo district, as well as several residential neighbourhoods in the town of Gabrovo, with no electricity, but the power lines were repaired by the late morning on July 29, Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) reported.

Several villages and parts of Gabrovo were also left without drinking water, as the flooding destroyed some of the water and sewerage infrastructure. Repairs would be carried out once the water levels subsided, BNR said.

In the areas affected the most, the floods were strong enough to carry cars and farm vehicles away, with local residents forced to climb onto rooftops to avoid the torrents, broadcaster Darik Radio reported.

Heavy rainfall has caused several flash floods in different parts of Bulgaria so far this summer – notably, in the resort town of Primorsko earlier this month and in Varna in June, when 13 people were killed. One other person died in the Bulgarian capital city of Sofia earlier this month during a violent hailstorm, while several municipalities in Sofia region declared a state of emergency after torrential rains in mid-June.

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Published on Jul 29, 2014

Освен Габровско, в епицентъра на последните наводнения се озова и регионът на Карлово. Кошмарна нощ и истински ужас преживяха хората в Карловския Балкан. Над 70 къщи в 10 села са наводнени.

От 4:00 часа сутринта хората се борят с водния ад. Отводняването на приземните етажи и дворовете им продължава и в момента. Голяма част от покъщнината им е погубена. Материалните щети са огромни, но за щастие няма жертви и пострадали.

Точно две години след като в Дъбене бе обявено бедствено положение, стихията застигна отново карловското село. Хората казват, че причината за бедствието не е проливният дъжд, а минаващата през селото река Мътеница, която отново е обрасла с растителност и е затлачена на места.

Коритото на реката не е почистено. Оказа се, че решението на проблема струва 2 000 лева.

Повече за преживяното от хората в Карловско ще научите от видеото.


Stoletovo: Pray that the Lord does not rain again!

Published on Jul 29, 2014 (only conversation, no images)


People in Bogdan furious: Extend the bed of the river, will be issued!

Published on Jul 29, 2014


Published on Jul 8, 2014


Published on Jul 28, 2014


July 29, 2014

Authorities said heavy downpours and thunderstorms caused flooding and disruption to the flow of traffic in some areas of the Netherlands on Monday.

A code orange was issued by the Dutch weather institute KNMI for extreme weather, with heavy downpours in some provinces causing floods in tunnels, basements and streets.

In the central region of Gelderland province, flooding was evident in most areas, with the city of Deelen recording 76 mm of rain in an hour, a volume typically recorded for an entire month in the area.

Amsterdam‘s public transport also had to deal with flooded streets, even the highroad around the city.

In addition, flights to and from the Schiphol airport were delayed on Monday morning, while railway traffic was delayed the whole day in several places.

Published on Jul 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Firefighters have been inundated with calls as heavy rain caused chaos in Thaxted. The flooding has affected the B184 and numerous properties.

Crews from Thaxted, Saffron Walden and Dunmow have been called to 20 flooding incidents and have been pumping out water from properties since 3am.

Cars were also left stranded in flood water on the B184. Three neighbouring houses in Weaverhead Close were flooded, with one family remaining on the first floor of their property while firefighters pumped water from their home.

The flood water was affecting the electrics and the electricity board was called to the incident to isolate the power. Crews led five people to safety.

Elsewhere, firefighters were called to pump out water from four cellars that had flooded in Watling Street.

Two cottages in Park Street had their basements flooded, while Thaxted Primary School, on Bardfield Road, had a flooded boiler house.


After distant rumblings of thunder from the early hours, the town was hit by a torrential downpour at about 10am.

Although Eastbourne wasn’t as badly affected as nearby Brighton and Worthing ��” where the station was shut due to flooding ” the waters rose outside the Crown Inn in Old Town.

What happened to summer?

Published on Jul 28, 2014

Nevrijeme izazvalo nove poplave u BiH

Jako nevrijeme, praćeno obilnim padalinama zahvatilo je sinoć Bosansku Kostajnicu, a bujične vode poplavile su više od stotinu kuća i nekoliko proizvodnih objekata.

Stanovnici donjeg dijela ove općine su ispričali novinarima da se sve dogodilo oko 19 sati, i to svega nekoliko minuta.

Uslijed jake kiše, kanali i potoci u gradu su se izlili i izazvali štetu na objektima, veću i one tijekom poplava u svibnju.

“Riječice Mačkovac, Strigova i drugi manji potoci s okolnih brda sručili su se na grad u roku od 15 minuta i voda je prodrla u veći broj objekata nego tijekom svibanjskih poplava, uključujući i dva veća gospodarska objekta”, potvrdio je Aleksandar Pašić, glasnogovornik Općine Kostajnica.

Mještani Bosanske Kostajnice su ispričali i kako je voda iza sebe ostavila mulj, blato i otpad.

Načelnik Civilne zaštite Općine Kostajnica Zoran Kos je potvrdio je da se uslijed jakih padalina izlila rijeka Tavija te poplavila veliki broj stambenih objekata.

Ekipe Civilne zaštite su odmah izašle na teren kako bi pružile pomoć stanovnicima, a i pripadnici elektrodistribucije i komunalnih usluga čine sve da pomognu poplavljenima.

Voda se danas polako povlači, ali štete su ogromnih razmjera.

Translated by Google:

The storm caused new flooding in BiH

Strong storm, accompanied by heavy rainfall affected last night Bosanska Kostajnica and torrential waters flooded more than a hundred houses and several manufacturing facilities.

Residents of the lower part of the municipality have told reporters that all happened about 19 hours, and only a few minutes.

Due to heavy rains, canals and streams in the city were poured and caused damage to buildings, and larger ones during the floods in May.

“Riječica Mačkovac, witches and other smaller streams from the surrounding hills came crashing to the city within 15 minutes and the water has penetrated to a greater number of objects than during the May floods, including two large commercial buildings,” confirmed Alexander Pasic, a spokesman Municipalities that in.

Locals Bosnian Kostajnice are told and how the water is left behind silt, mud and debris.

Chief of the Civil Defense of the Municipality Kostajnica Zoran Kos has confirmed that due to heavy rainfall flooded rivers Tavija and flooded a large number of residential buildings.

Civil Protection teams were immediately came out to the field to provide aid to the people, and members of the electricity distribution and utilities are doing everything to help flooded.

Water is now slowly retreating, but damages are enormous proportions.


Prema prvim procjenama, šteta je veća od one koja je nastala u majskim poplavama, koje takođe nisu zaobišle ovu lokalnu zajednicu.

Stanovnici donjeg dijela ove opštine su ispričali da se sve dogodilo oko 19 časova i da je trajalo svega nekoliko minuta. Mještani Kostajnice su ispričali da je voda iza sebe ostavila mulj, blato i otpad.

To je sve bilo u pet minuta. Pred sobom je nosilo sve, da se ne može opisati“, ispričala je Mileva Basrak iz Kostajice.

Milka Vujanović, takođe mještanka, kazala je da u Kostajnici živi 50 godina, te da ovako nešto nije doživjela.

Kokoške je podavilo, piliće isto… Podrum, ljetina, dvorište, sve je bilo pod vodom dubine jedan metar. To ja nisam zapamtila“, ispričala je Vujanovićeva.

Drago Bundalo, načelnik opštine Kostajnica, kazao je da je riječ o poplavi kakva nije zapamćena u ovoj lokalnoj zajednici.

Prema podacima nadležnih, voda je odnijela i jedan drveni most i opustošila usjeve i stočni fond, a u domovima uništila namještaj i aparate.

Voda se danas polako počela povlačiti, ali šteta je ogromnih razmjera. Formirana je komisija koja će evidentirati posljedice ovog jakog nevremena.Podsjećanja radi, šteta na području ove opštine tokom poplava u maju procijenjena je na 3,5 miliona maraka. Od toga je na stambenim i pomoćnim objektima šteta 1.070.000, infrastrukturi 1.042.000, privredi 58.000 i u poljoprivredi 1.320.000 KM.


Kostajnica, međutim, nije jedina lokalna zajednica u kojoj su, nakon majskog potopa, zabilježene nove poplave.

Nove poplave

Olujno nevrijeme praćeno obilnom kišom, koje je 22. jula zahvatilo Bratunac, Maglaj, Lukavac, Doboj i Srebrenicu, potopilo je oko stotinu kuća, a vodena bujica odnijela je i desetak mostova i ušla u jedan školski objekat.

Ni te lokalne zajednice nisu bile pošteđene tokom majskih katastrofalnih poplava, tako da je lokalno stanovništvo, taman kada se počelo oporavljati od šoka, zaprepastila nova nevolja.


U nekoliko bratunačkih sela, 22. jula, poplavljeno je oko 100 objekata, a odneseno je pet manjih mostova.


Kada je riječ o Maglaju, istog dana došlo je do izlijevanja rijeke Jablanice, koja je poplavila oko 50 domaćinstava i uništila poljoprivredna dobra, te više mostova, a oštećen je i jedan lokalni vodovod.


Istog datuma, na području Doboja potopljeno je oko 20 kuća, a nekoliko ih je pod vodom bilo i u Srebrenici.

27 July 2014

Torrential rain has caused flooding in a large part of eastern Slovakian village of Vlkova, some two months after a previous flood hit the same region.

Flood inundated at least some 30 houses in the village late on Friday, village mayor Peter Bendik said, adding that the village had been recovering from floods in May.

The fresh flooding also damaged roads and utility poles and triggered landslides in the village, but fortunately caused no casualties, Bendik said.

Heavy rains and floods this week devastated part of the Northern Slovakia as well.

July 26, 2014

Torrential rain caused the flooding of a large part of the eastern Slovak village of Vlkova (Presov region) late on Friday, TASR has learnt.

According to village mayor Peter Bendik, the flood inundated at least some 30 houses. “Over the last two months, the village has been recovering from floods in May, and then after it rains for an hour and a half, you’re essentially back to square one,” said Bendik. The village still hasn’t completed the calculation of damage from the floods in May.

The latest flooding also damaged roads and utility poles and triggered landslides in the village.

“This hasn’t happened since 2010. What occurred in May was bad in its own right… but what happened now (on Friday) was extreme,” said Bendik, but added that, fortunately, nobody was killed or injured.

Locals are currently pumping water especially from the basements of their houses and removing large quantities of mud from outside the houses and from the roads.

Translated from:

V sobotu hrozia búrky a záplavy na strednom a východnom Slovensku

Výstraha prvého stupňa platí pre Žilinský, Banskobystrický, Prešovský a Košický kraj.

BRATISLAVA. Na strednom, severnom i východnom Slovensku meteorológovia v sobotu očakávajú búrky, ktoré môžu zapríčiniť lokálne záplavy.

Slovenský hydrometeorologický ústav (SHMÚ) vydal v tejto súvislosti výstrahu prvého stupňa. …


Published on Jul 21, 2014


Niektorí turisti rušia po ničivej povodni pobyty v Malej Fatre

25. 7. 2014.

Záchranári tvrdia, že zničená je len Vrátna dolina, ďalšie oblasti sú vraj bezpečné.

BRATISLAVA. Niektorým hotelom v okolí Vrátnej doliny či Terchovej turisti rušia rezervácie.

Záchranári z Malej Fatry však tvrdia, že aj napriek ničivej povodni, ktorá sa dolinou prehnala pred niekoľkými dňami, dovolenkári nemusia mať obavy. …

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Translated by Google:

Some tourists canceled after the devastating flood stays in Mala Fatra

Rescuers argue that destroyed only This valley, other areas are said to be safe.

Some hotels in the nearby valley porters or Terchovej tourists canceled bookings.

Rescuers from Mala Fatra argue that despite the devastating floods that swept through the valley a few days ago, vacationers do not have to worry.

“Most of the trails, whether Janosik holes, Big Rozsutec or the entire ridge of the Low Fatra are viable,” said Commander George Ondruš rescuers.

In the immediate surroundings gatekeepers continue to threaten landslides.

Flooding caused damage of about € 9,000,000. Interior Minister Robert Kalinak on Friday did not rule out that someone died there.

“After such time should, however, some indication that someone is missing,” he said.

Published on Jul 22, 2014


Prime minister promises financial help to the devastated Vrátna valley


After the Monday flood wave that devastated Vrátna valley and the village of Terchová in the Malá Fatra Mountains, Prime Minister Róbert Fico paid a visit to the affected region.

Fico praised the efforts of people dispatched to alleviate the effects of the flood. “In the seven years that I’ve served as premier, I’ve seen a lot of things, but it’s a small miracle that no victims have been reported so far, as the material damage is enormous. What we saw in person is a completely destroyed valley, there are dozens of broken down wrecks, and the whole cable-car station is buried in stones. The fact that everyone managed to get to safety is incredible luck,” said Fico.

a region that is so important to Slovakia in terms of tourism has been dealt such a heavy blow.

“In co-operation with the self-governing region and the village, we want to allocate financial resources as soon as possible to address the most urgent matters at hand,” he said. “If necessary, we’ll convene a Government session and approve the volume of financial resources necessary for heavy equipment, because without heavy equipment, we won’t be able to do anything at all in Vrátna valley.

Published on Jul 22, 2014

Published on Jul 22, 2014

Published on Jul 23, 2014

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Cooperation between professional and voluntary firefighters …

Aside from a hundred of professional firefighters and rescue workers, Vratna Valley saw the arrival of 180 voluntary firefighters from Zazriva, Namestovo, Turzovka, Skalite, Martin-Priekopy, the Voluntary Firefighter Corps of Sucany, the Orava Emergency System and the Trnava Voluntary Firefighter Corps. “It needs to be said that a quite unusual rescue operation, in comparison to Slovak standards, was launched by 25 mountain rescuers who evacuated 122 people from Chalet Vratna with the use of various rope-based systems. Only a three-month-old and number of small children were abseiled down dangerous sections. And what’s most important, everyone was evacuated to safety without any harm,” said Kalinak.

The Interior Minister… “Even if foreign tourists were missing, someone would probably have started to search for them by now. We don’t have such an information at the moment, although the scenario can never be ruled out.”

According to Zilina Region (ZSK) Governor Juraj Blanar, ZSK has already ask the Government for a financial injection worth €3.06 million to alleviate the damage, with the Cabinet scheduled to discuss the proposal on Monday.

Blanar warned that Vratna Valley is closed to tourists. “I’d like to ask all tourists not to go to Vratna Valley as long as the entrance ban remains in effect. They would be endangering not only their own lives but also the ongoing rescue work,” said the governor, who claimed that the firefighters and volunteer corps are hard at work to reopen Vratna Valley to tourism as soon as possible. “But I can already say today that this will take at least a month or two.”

Published on Jul 26, 2014


July 21, 2014

Zilina and its surroundings were hit by massive torrential storm on Monday evening, with a number of roads in the area having been flooded, TASR learnt later the same day.

As reported by Zuzana Farkasova of the Fire and Rescue Corps Presidium (HaZZ), the worst situation is in the city itself and the surrounding boroughs, where fire-fighters have been dispatched to drain the water accumulated on the roads and in cellars of people’s houses.

“The situation in Zilina region is being complicated by dozens of fallen trees. Fire and rescue corps have been dispatched mainly to Zilina, and the villages of Povazsky Chlmec, Rojkov, Kralovany, Rakova, and Vrutky,” said the official.

Fire-fighters have also been sent to the locality of the popular tourist destination of Vratna Dolina in Mala Fatra Mountains to help people guard against landslides.

Meanwhile, the Slovak Hydrometeorologic Institute (SHMU) has issued the third most serious torrential rain alerts for the northern part of Zilina district and the whole Prievidza district (Trencin region) for this evening. The alert will be in place until 11 p.m. in the case of Zilina district and until 8 p.m. in Prievidza. In addition, less serious storm alerts apply across the entire country.

It is this time of year that Zilina region has the most precipation.

Published on Jul 20, 2014

Flash flooding has caused havoc in parts of eastern England.

Drivers have been stranded in Norwich, Norfolk, and Canvey Island, Essex.

Trains have been affected and Southend Hospital had to close its accident and emergency department.

13 Jul 2014

An 82-year-old woman was found dead in a Swiss stream on Sunday, police said, as heavy rain and landslides halted train and road traffic near the city of Bern, the capital.

Police said that the woman died in Thörishaus, a village southwest of Bern, as parts of the country were hit by a deluge.

In the nearby town of Köniz, 200 firefighters worked throughout the night to deal with flooded streams and landslides, evacuating several homes.

Landslides blocked the railway between Bern and the western city of Fribourg and between Montreux and Zweisimmen, while flooding cut the line between the capital and the town of Thun, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) said.

Buses were pressed into service to provide alternative transport between Bern and Fribourg.

SBB said InterCity and InterRegio trains between the two cities will likely not running until 2pm on Monday. 

Flooding also caused disruptions on the Bern-Thun rail line.

Flooding also forced the closure of several roads in the region, national road company Viasuisse said.

Bern and Fribourg were hit by heavy rain that began on Saturday and continued non-stop until midnight.

Published on Jul 8, 2014

One person died washed away near Saint-Palais Friday morning. Damage and economic consequences are very important.

… heavy toll in the inner Basque Country, Soule and Lower Navarre, after heavy flooding surprised residents Friday morning. Rivers and small streams are out of their beds. A person of 84 years died, she was washed away near Saint-Palais.

Friday evening, houses were still threatened by a landslide in Mauleon and many companies are under water, causing the layoff , said the prefecture of Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

The slaughterhouse of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port was flooded under 3 feet of water, killing 50 sheep. All meat must be destroyed.

It is likely that many livestock have been drowned, either in buildings or in the land. Removal will be organized with the rendering of services.

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