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December 16, 2014

Streets around a 10-foot sinkhole at the intersection of Mission Road and Marguerita Avenue in Alhambra remained closed Tuesday as crews worked to handle the problem.

The sinkhole — about 10 feet in diameter and six inches deep — was reported about 3 p.m. Monday, said Sgt. Jerry Johnson of the Alhambra Police Department. Its cause has not been determined.

Traffic was diverted while public works staff inspected the street and the Marguerita Avenue Bridge above the Union Pacific railroad tracks.


Published on Dec 16, 2014

December 16, 2014

Arked cars fell into a sinkhole and ankle-deep water crept into several houses in a Port Melbourne street after a water main burst early this morning.

The broken water main caused extensive damage to Liardet St, destroying parts of the road and damaging cars and houses.

The rising water damaged three houses and threatened approximately 50 more homes when the water main burst at around 2:30am.

Resident Vanessa Proctor told the Herald Sun said the noise of the cars falling into the collapsing road woke her.

“I literally heard them going into the ground and that’s what woke me up,” she said.

Parts of the road began to collapse from the water damage, causing parked cars to be swallowed by a number of sinkholes.

Police and the MFB were called to help evacuate affected homes, while volunteers from the SES assisted in sandbagging the area and removing furniture from the lower levels of several properties.

South East Water has succeeded in isolating the water main, with residents having an almighty clean-up on their hands.

“We couldn’t believe it,” she said.

“It’s a bit unreal. …

“It’s not looking very good,” Susie said of the car.

But the Liardet St resident of two years said she and her partner were lucky their house escaped damage, with the knee-high water and sand that flooded the street in the early hours of this morning stopping at their front door step.

Their neighbours — a young family of four who wished to remain anonymous — had water run through the entire bottom floor of their home.

A car alarm went off went it went into the hole,” the mother said.

“We woke up about 3.30am and our downstairs was already flooded — the cat bowl was floating.

“The floorboards will need to be replaced, the couches — everything touching the floor.

“What can you do? We’re fine. We’re insured.”

She said the area had had “quite a few gas leaks” of late, and she assumed the workers outside her window were attending to another leak early this morning.

“I didn’t expect to see that (two cars in a sinkhole),” she said. …


December 13, 2014

7-year-old girl remains in Vachira Phuket Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after the pick-up truck she was riding in crashed into a massive sinkhole in a road in northern Phuket on Thursday.

The sinkhole first started to form last month when heavy rains washed away part of Rural Road 4008 off Thepkrasattri Road, near Bang Jo Prison in Srisoonthorn (story here).

Police and Kusoldharm Foundation rescue workers rushed to the scene at about 10pm on Thursday and found a pick-up truck at the bottom of the sinkhole with badly-injured Pakkamon Doungchayatemjarat, 38, and her unconscious daughter Molly Anne Bailey, 7, still inside the vehicle.

Police also found a motorbike belonging to Sod Boonreung, 34, crushed under the pick-up truck.

Mr Sod had just crashed his motorbike into the hole on the dark road – which did not have any lights or obvious signs warning drivers of the hole. (There was only a dark green plastic net with a sign that read “Road Cut Off”.)

“Mr Sod, who sustained minor cuts to his face in the crash, was able to climb out of the hole and run for help from local villagers. The villagers then called police and rescue workers to the scene,” said Lt Col Yongyuth Kongmala of Thalang Police Station.

A group of villagers had already taken Mr Sod to Thalang Hospital by the time police arrived.

“Since Mr Sod had accidentally knocked down the green net barrier during his accident, Mr Pakkamon was unable to see the hole when she drove through the area about 10 minutes later,” Col Yongyuth said.

The mother and daughter were immediately rushed to Thalang Hospital for initial treatment, and later moved to Vachira Phuket Hospital.

“Ms Pakkamon broke her left arm in the accident, and has been discharged from hospital care,” a Vachira Phuket Hospital staffer told the Phuket Gazette today.

“In the meantime, an iron barrier will be placed at the in front of the sinkhole to prevent another accident from occurring.” …



Dec 11, 2014

City and state transportation officials temporarily closed a street adjacent to the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project in Seattle because a portion of the road was cracked and sinking.

Concerns about structures and the viaduct near Pioneer Square were raised this week when transportation officials reported their monitors detected at least an inch of settlement near the tunnel-repair access pit. They say the removal of groundwater may have caused the soil to settle.

Mayor Ed Murray held a news conference Thursday at the sinking road on First Ave. South and South King Street to say the problem is being investigated, but the cause was unknown.

“We don’t have enough data to tell you if certain things are related to the activities where the boring machine is, or they’re related to a very old neighborhood,” Murray said.

Murray also says they don’t have any data to indicate that any of the buildings in the area are at risk. He says their first concern is public safety.

King Street is once again open to traffic in both directions.


09 dicembre 2014

Translated by Google:

An emergency plan carefully tended, to address the risk of chasms.

Of this you have, at this time, the municipalities of Rio Marina and Rio nell’Elba that, pending the approval of civil protection plans to be delivered to the Region, included a detailed study for the management of emergency “sinkhole” (pits) of the Plan …


Dec 8, 2014

A Hermitage woman came home to find a gaping hole in her front yard.

Managers at the duplex say it’s too dangerous for residents to live there, so management has put them up in a hotel.

Terese Farrar said she hopes the sinkhole doesn’t damage her home.

“One of the concerns was that the trees, where the roots are all exposed, will get weak and fall on the building,” Farrar said.

State officials say the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation will handle the sinkhole.

Farrar said an engineer will assess the situation sometime this week.


Published on Dec 8, 2014

Honolulu Police place flares around a sinkhole by East-West Road and Dole Street.


December 5, 2014

The truck was dropping off dirt for an upcoming sewer project in Exeter Friday afternoon when that hole opened up underneath it.

It wasn’t a sight people see every day in Exeter: a dump truck stuck in a hole that opened up in the 200 block of Susquehanna Avenue.

The street was clogged with on-lookers watching the truck company’s crews trying to pull that rig out.

Not sure what type of situation they were dealing with, the Exeter Fire Department blocked traffic from coming through.

“We don`t want traffic coming up by it because we`re uncertain if this is a sinkhole or if this is an incident on this lot,” said Fire Chief Richard McNeil.

The truck was backing up into the lot to unload that dirt when the ground fell away from under the tires, causing the back three tires to fall in the hole.

“I was watching him all the while and then when I went back to look, I saw that he was stuck. The poor guy, the wheels were in the air,” said Lena Seman…


December 09, 2014

A huge sinkhole has opened up in Derbyshire.

… near Sparrowpit in the Peak District.

It has swallowed a dry stone wall and some of the verge … an underground lead mine shaft has collapsed following weeks of wet weather.The road between The Wanted Inn and Castleton is currently closed and engineers say it will take until March 2015 to be repaired.

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