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Oct. 30, 2014

A sinkhole near Commercial Tire has reduced traffic along Route 16 to one lane in each direction.

Police reported the sinkhole yesterday at about 10:30 p.m.

As of this morning, police said they haven’t received any updates on repairs to the road. Drivers are advised to find alternate routes to avoid delays.


… This should be a news, here has a date 10/29/2014


but it seem as only one of recent maneuvers of Cover-up.

Apart of hiding info, endless hacking (not only) devices (but) and people’s brains (as well), posting important news at only ONE Internet page, filling the Internet with a mass of ‘garbage’, the newest thing is to put – as NEW – an old info.

Ok. We shall – as NEW – when encounter such situation, show OLD info as news! The ‘idea’ is not bad at all … 


September 30, 2013

Luna Street is closed after a sinkhole developed during Wednesday’s morning rain.

Texas Gas Service crews were at the scene turning off gas around 9 a.m.

Luna Street is located between Missouri Avenue and Gateway Blvd. W.

Residents in the area told KFOX14 that today’s flooding wasn’t as bad as 2006, but they were disappointed that the work done to prevent this didn’t work.  


October 28, 2014

Some Port Moody residents got a big surprise this afternoon when a sinkhole developed in their parking lot.

While the sinkhole, which developed directly above the Evergreen Line tunnel boring in Port Moody, didn’t look big, it was deep — about 79 cubic metres in total.

According to Evergreen Line construction manager Nasir Kurji, the ground caved in at about 3 p.m. when the boring machine was undergoing routine maintenance underground and some sand caved in. The sand caving in caused an air pocket, which then migrated to the surface causing the sinkhole.

The parking lot was cordoned off for a few hours while crews filled the sinkhole.

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17 October 2014

Drivers in Canterbury are being warned of delays after a road collapsed in the city centre this afternoon.

The subsidence is at the junction of Ethelbert Road and Old Dover Road, which is one of the major access roads to Kent and Canterbury Hospital.

Ethelbert Road has been closed by Kent County Council highway engineers “until further notice” and the collapse has been graded as “severe”.

It was first reported at 3.30pm and engineers are at the scene.

Drivers are being advised to avoid the area or use Old Dover Road, Nunnery Fields and South Canterbury Road.

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October 21, 2014

No one had heard from Melissa in nearly 12 hours. Her family knew there had to be something wrong because she had never gone this long without calling.

They were right! Melissa was trapped in a sinkhole with her vehicle for almost a full day. Not being able to reach her in any way, the police decided to try something different to find her location. The police found her iPad in her house.

After several attempts at her password, they finally figured it out with help from the parents. Using an App called “Find My iPhone,” they were able to locate Melissa. After nearly a day gone missing, they were finally able to rescue Melissa and bring her to safety.


October 24, 2014

A sinkhole that opened up in the driveway between two houses on 58th Road in Maspeth forced at least a dozen residents from their homes and prompted Con Edison to cut power to part of the block on Friday.

The hole is in the walkway between 69-11 and 69-13 58 Road, located on the north side of a block between 69th Street and 69th Place, just south of the Long Island Expressway. Vacate orders were issued for both of those houses.

Danielle Maher and her husband have owned 69-11 for more than three years. SHe said said that her uncle had heard cracking sounds in the wall of the basement some time between 2:30 and 3 p.m.

“He called me outside to take a look and I same the hole,” she said. “I ran into the house to grab the baby and the dogs. I didn’t even make it out of the house when I heard it collapse, then I called my husband.” …



Sinkhole & Gas Leak on West Maspeth St.

September 13, 2012

The ground suddenly gave way below a parked tractor trailer along a West Maspeth street after a sinkhole form and a gas main leaked last Thursday afternoon, Sept. 6, it was reported.

Fire Department sources said the incident took place at around 3:30 p.m. in the vicinity of 50th Street and 54th Avenue.

Responding to the scene (in the order of their arrival) were members of Engine companies…


  • Adam Zubarev was driving his cement truck when the road collapsed 
  • The back of the truck sank into the hole shooting the cab into the air
  • Zubarev said he was driving quite quickly at the time when he heard a bump
  • It took two days to remove the stricken truck from the hole 



Published on Oct 23, 2014


22. listopada 2014.

Rupa se otvorila samo 30-ak metara od poveće poslovne zgrade blizu raskrižja Selske ulice i Zagrebačke avenije.

Tri metra široka i duboka oko dva metra rupa otvorila se u srijedu u na zagrebačkoj Knežiji, u Zadarskoj ulici. Građani su odmah pozvali policiju na intervenciju, piše 24 sata.

Rupa se otvorila samo 30-ak metara od poveće poslovne zgrade blizu raskrižja Selske ulice i Zagrebačke avenije.

Tratina na kojoj je tlo propalo u trenutku policijske intervencije uslijed kiše koja je padala tijekom noći i prijepodneva, bila je tako natopljena vodom da je praktično sva poplavila.

Translated by Google

The hole opened just 30 meters from the sizable office building near the intersection of Selska street and Zagreb Avenue.

Three meters wide and two meters deep around the hole opened on Wednesday at the Zagreb Knežiji, Zadar street. Citizens are immediately called the police to intervene, says 24 hours.

The hole opened just 30 meters from the sizable office building near the intersection of Selska street and Zagreb Avenue.

The lawn where the soil is ruined at the time of the police intervention due to rain that fell during the night and morning, she was so saturated with water that is practically all flooded.


Pomalo su naporne te slike na kojima je uvijek i redovito policijski automobil ili znak STOP-a. Stvarno, naporno.

Poštovani iz medija, poznato nam je da će narod biti blokiran od migracije. A, VI ne mislite o sebi da ste dio naroda…?

I, to da te rupe nastaju od nekih mističnih razloga poput “kiše koja je isprala tlo”, također spadaju u ladicu “naporno”.

Objasnite nadređenima da tržište potrebuje “nov proizvod”.


Boja kojom sam bila obilježila prethodni tekst bila je izmijenjena. Bila je ružičasta, a ostavila sam jarko narančastu. Da vidim efekat od tog.

Efekat od tog ili ne – poginula mi je najdraža životinja…

Vratila sam se na ljubičasto obilježavanje. Imam još dragih bića … neka žive, nisu krivi zbog mojeg eksperimenta ORANGE.

No, to je samo privremeno napuštanje teme.

Želim znati tko se krije iza te boje i što time želi reći ljudima globusa, osim zastrašiti, objaviti svoju neupitnu moć i spremnost na horor čak i prema SVOJIMA…!

To nisu “agencije”. To su oni koji njih angažiraju.

Tko je postavio ekipu Bush-Cheney?

Tko je, još prije, instrumentalizirao strukture kao što je masonska organizacija i slične? Tko su ti ljudi koji misle da je svijet njihov, da su “elita” koja ima pravo drugo Božje biće porobiti i uništiti, prema svojoj želji i nahođenju.

TKO su ti entiteti inkarnirani u humanoide vrste Homo Sapiens?



Oct. 21, 2014

A sinkhole has closed North Taft Street between Fifth and Sixth streets in West Frankfort. No vehicle or foot traffic is being permitted on that block.

Street commissioner Tara Fasol-Chambers said the sinkhole is one block north of one that developed in May, and she confirmed that both sinkholes are related.

The city has applied for a $200,000 grant to replace two blocks of tile on North Taft.

Fasol-Chambers said the grant application was made after engineers ran a camera underground in that area and found that the concrete tile used has been eroded by sewer gasses.

The hole is 12 to 18 inches wide in the roadway, however the commissioner said it is “extremely deep” underground.

Engineers were out at the site on Monday. Fasol-Chambers said they are checking to see if there is any way to get the grant to go through more quickly, but it will be at least a week before the city has more information.

“Regardless of how the project gets done, it will have to be done,” she said.

The city currently has no plans to dig out and temporarily fill the hole.

She said Taft Street will remain blocked for an undetermined amount of time.

“Thankfully, it happened on a road where there aren’t any entrances to houses,” Fasol-Chambers said. “So, we can keep it blocked and not really impede traffic that badly.”


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Oct 18, 2014

A Redhill road has been closed after a sinkhole opened up at around 2pm on Friday afternoon (October 17).

Fire services and police attended the scene, at Maple Road, and the area has been cordoned off and deemed ‘unsafe’.

The hole is just 50 metres from the nearest homes and around 250 metres from allotments.

Surrey Police stated they have passed the matter on to the Highways department at Surrey County Council, and Thames Water have said they have engineers on site to carry out repairs.

Maple Road, in South Earlswood, is closed between Woodhatch Road and the Horley Road.